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NFT ENERGY PROJECT holds group and  Solo exhibitions every season.​

The idea behind organizing NFT ENERGY is to look at the current NFT ART phenomenon as a phenomenon that goes beyond an artistic and cultural genre and is part of the changing times. The NFT ENERGT exhibition is a project that showcases the art work and interviews of artists who are pioneering new beginnings or have the potential to do so on the global stage.

NFT ENERGY Artist's Choice looks at the energy to keep working and the unique ways to release it, but it's not an evaluation or judgment of the artist - that's something only time will tell.

NFT ENERGY project Connecting the world through screens.


(United Kingdom)

Andrei was born in 1968 in Aphseronsk, South Russia.
He moved to Moscow to study engineering then found his way into the animation industry. He had always loved art as a youngster and has been working as an artist ever since!
Andrei has worked his way through all the different stages involved in making an animation film. His work as Character Designer can be seen in ‘Prince Vladimir’ and ‘Quest for a Heart’.
In 2008, Andrei moved to the UK and began working in the film and VFX industry. Here he has worked on many interesting projects as a Senior Concept Artist, including: ‘Aladdin’, ‘Wrath of the Titans’, ‘X-Men First Class’,’ Wolfman’ and ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ Parts 1 & 2.
He is currently working as a freelance artist!

IMDb profile----

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Artem Humilevskyi


Artem Humilevskyi 🇺🇦Ukraine photography, b. 1986

In recent years, he has participated in more than 60 solo and group exhibitions around the world.

2023 - Second place Rovinj Photo Days Award Croatia
2023 - Short-List Photometria Awards Greece
2023 - BarTur Photo Award London
2023 - Short-List Vincent Van Gogh Award Niderlands
2023 - Second place NidaOFF Lithuania
2022 - Winner Global Peace Photo Award Austria
2022 - Short-List Pinchuk Art Prize Ukraine
2022 - Short-List GUP New Talent Niderlands
2021 - Short-List NidaOFF Lithuania

- Works in Gallery/Museum
Grynyov Art Foundation Collection – Kyiv, Ukraine
Museum of Kharkiv School of Photography Collection – Kharkiv, Ukraine
Ukrainian House – Kyiv, Ukraine
The Odesa National Fine Arts Museum – Odesa, Ukraine

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Citrus Fruits


Dr Formalyst is a minimalist designer by day who turns into a moody visual artist by night.

Over his 25-year practice as an architect, designer, coder and design professor, he developed a keen interest in the psychology of aesthetics—why are our brains wired to perceive things as beautiful or intriguing? This led to the creation of Dr Formalyst alter ego, to explore how visual elements, in their pure form, impact our perception and emotions.

He works primarily in video, combining CGI and AI, transforming organic and human forms and movements them into expressions that border on abstraction. He has exhibited globally, and lives and works in Madrid,

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Im an Entrepreneur woman. Mother, Writer, Creator/Collector. Poetess. Art Manager, CEO/Founder. And Tech lover. I was creating since

early age and designing images

and websites for business and marketing over more than 12 years.

I'm specialist on 1/1 digital art, animatios, glitched and AI art. With around 100 1/1 artworks

sold to many collectors around all the world.

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(South Korea)

I usually work on cyberpunk illustrations that harmonize women and machines. Because I believe that the most beautiful thing is born when the Opposite things are combined

- CDPR RED Cyberpunk 2077.
  Official promotional illustration.
- Riot Games League of Legend product design.
- Winning the Korean Independence Day
   Presidential Award.
- Square Enix Final Fantasy Mobius Character Art.
-CAPCOM Resident Evil series character concept design.
  NIGHT TEMPO album artwork.
- Many others collaborate on fashion, tattoos, and figures

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Giusy Amoroso, also known as Marigoldff, is an award-winning Italian Digital Artist and Creative Technologist, based in Berlin, Germany. With a diverse educational background in Product and Public Design and a Master's in Computer Graphics, Giusy is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her research focuses on exploring organic shapes and alternative representations of reality, drawing inspiration from the intricate structures and forms found in nature. Giusy's creations emerge from the realm of biological mutation, seamlessly intertwining the essence of nature with the limitless potential of science and technology. She also delves into the dynamic relationship between humans and technology, seeking alternative representations of human anatomy and exploring transformative possibilities for enhancing the human experience. She brings her concepts and fantastical creatures to life utilising a range of techniques, including VR, XR, 3D sculpting, Animation, and 3D Painting. She has collaborated with artists and clients such as Harper's Bazaar, Nike, Afterlife, Anyma, Riot Games, Mozilla Firefox, Reebok, MISBHV, Cartoon Network , Sony Music, Nike SB x Travis Scott, Dixon and many more

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Niceaunties was created in 2023 by a Singaporean artist whose art series, "niceaunties," is inspired by her 11 aunties, her mother and her late grandmother. Her unique perspective on the endearing and sometimes absurd behavior of "aunties" showcases the auntie culture that is prevalent in Asian communities worldwide. Through her use of digital media and AI, Niceaunties empowers women by imagining an alternate reality where aunties can pursue their passions freely.

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Scorpion Dagger


James Kerr / Scorpion Dagger is known for his short animations where he mixes cut outs from paintings from art history. He has worked with Gucci, Adult Swim, the New York Times, + many more.

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(United States)

Stuart, known by his online alias stuz0r, lives in Bentonville, Arkansas in the United States. His work is characterized by its futuristic aesthetics, mesmerizing compositions, and a profound sense of atmosphere. His art often transports viewers to fantastical realms, where vibrant colors and intricate details coalesce to evoke a sense of wonder and awe. Through his art, he invites us to explore the boundless frontiers of imagination and challenges the conventions of what is possible in the digital realm. His clients include Xbox, Microsoft, Adobe, NHL, Intel, Google, Cochella, Illenium, Staind, Childish Gambino, and many more.

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Toomuchlag is a multidisciplinary artist and founder.


Known for his fantasy and futuristic works, he explores the dichotomy between light and dark, creating an iconography that blends the dystopian and the celestial.


His vibrant work is inspired by literature, cinematography and gaming and makes use of blockchain-native mechanics to create unique interactive experiences.


An example of toomuchlag’s interactive NFTs is Satoshi’s Coin.


Toomuchlag has exhibited works in London, New York, Milan, Miami, Los Angeles, Beijing, Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, Lugano, Dubai and more.


Passionate about blockchain technology, art and storytelling, he constantly challenges existing boundaries to create new narratives.


Recently his work has been auctioned and sold at Christie's, NY.

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(United Kingdom)

Vica is a self-taught digital artist based in London. She began her journey with 3D in 2021, and her passion lies in the telling of stories and conveying emotion through the creation of otherworldly, futuristic, and/or dark portrait and environment renders.

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Vini Naso


I am a digital artist exploring how notions of beauty and visual identity are expanding in the digital age.  I mix influences from past mythology, modern fashion, and cyberpunk to create something time-agnostic and perhaps a little uncomfortable. Working in a purely digital medium allows me the freedom to explore ideas, shapes, materials and textures that aren’t constrained by the limitations of the physical world. I am interested in how digital technologies will help shape posthuman aesthetics.  Old notions of identity bind us less when our humanity isn’t necessarily attached to traditional human form.

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Wink Tokki

(South Korea)

Hong Haksoon created Tokki Code to document Circle World, the world of Wink Tokki. Tokki Code is Hong Haksoon's drawing style composed of symbols, shapes, and unique algorithms. Tokki Book, recorded in Tokki Code, has been in production since 1998 and as of 2023, it consists of 9 volumes and spans 12,000 pages. The main character, Wink Tokki, winks incessantly to send signals from Circle World to the universe. Hong Haksoon calls Wink Tokki a "shape organism" but to others, it could be an alien, a robot, or an unknown life form. One thing is clear, Wink Tokki freely explores familiar and unfamiliar worlds with curiosity. The symmetrical world of Wink Tokki, whose foundation is Tokki Code, expands into new stories such as Cosmos Clock, Deer Forest, and Squirrel Community Center, and is overall connected by symmetry. This reflects Hong Haksoon's vision of the unseen world. He showcases his work in various formats, including animation, painting, and NFT art series.

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StopMotion artist & director from Japan.
I started producing StopMotion animation by myself.
I am create StopMotion short animations and pixilations based on daily necessities and other motifs.
I want to convey and expand the mysterious world of Art animation that makes your heart flutter for a moment.
In recent years, we have released the new era StopMotion NFT ART series.

What is Yaoyoros?
This is a Animism Animation. Some Japanese believe in an ancient philosophy called Animism (Yaoyorozu), which basically states that everyday objects have their own life stories. 


Tokyo contents market / adobe award award
Japan Aichi triennale Exhibition.
Screening at Rotterdam International Film Festival Invited 

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Yatreda ያጥሬዳ  is a family of artists from Ethiopia creating in the style of tizita- nostalgia and longing for the past. Led by Kiya Tadele, the group creates artwork which balances the new, like blockchain technology, with the old, preserving classic legends of historical and cultural significance. This blend suggests the timeline of African history doesn’t simply end, and the stories are not finished. Yatreda is about rediscovering Africa’s original self.

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NFT ENERGY 8 Exhibition

Exhibition Period: Friday, January 3 (Wen) - January 26 (Fri), 2024
Location Space55 (9-3, Jeungsan-ro 19-gil, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul)
Opening hours 12:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
Artistic Director Ahn Jonghyun

Open Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays only from December through February.

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