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Wink Tokki Solo Exhibition.


Hong Hak-soon created the Tokki Code to record Wink Tokki's Circle World. The Tokki Code is a drawing style developed in Hong Hak-soon's creative process. It possesses a unique algorithm.
He refers to the fundamental structure of this algorithm as 'Symmetric connection.'

As Wink Tokki winks and receives signals from the Circle World, Wink Tokki spreads them throughout the universe. Hong Hak-soon captures these signals in the Tokki Code within the Tokki Book. As of 2023, the Tokki Book comprises a total of 9 volumes, approximately 12,000 pages (production began in 1998).

If the Tokki Code represents an unseen world, there exists a visible world on the other side. For instance, there are Instinct Beauty Salon, Deer Forest, Cosmos Digits, Squirrel World, and more. Wink Tokki's cosmic friends, exotic spaces, and the Circle World recorded in the Tokki Code come together to make up the Wink Tokki World.

Hong Hak-soon expresses the Wink Tokki World through various genres and formats, including painting, graphic novels, animation, and NFT ART. The stories of the Wink Tokki World, ranging from the abstract and mathematical Tokki Code to witty animations, are mysteriously and joyfully interconnected.

Wink Tokki Website:

P.S. Tokki(토끼) means 'rabbit' in Korean

Wink Tokki

(South Korea)

Hong Haksoon created Tokki Code to document Circle World, the world of Wink Tokki. Tokki Code is Hong Haksoon's drawing style composed of symbols, shapes, and unique algorithms. Tokki Book, recorded in Tokki Code, has been in production since 1998 and as of 2023, it consists of 9 volumes and spans 12,000 pages. The main character, Wink Tokki, winks incessantly to send signals from Circle World to the universe. Hong Haksoon calls Wink Tokki a "shape organism" but to others, it could be an alien, a robot, or an unknown life form. One thing is clear, Wink Tokki freely explores familiar and unfamiliar worlds with curiosity. The symmetrical world of Wink Tokki, whose foundation is Tokki Code, expands into new stories such as Cosmos Clock, Deer Forest, and Squirrel Community Center, and is overall connected by symmetry. This reflects Hong Haksoon's vision of the unseen world. He showcases his work in various formats, including animation, painting, and NFT art series.

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NFT ENERGY 5 Exhibition

Wink Tokki Solo Exhibition.


Exhibition Period: October 6 (Fri) - October 28 (Sat), 2023 (Closed on Mondays, Sundays, and national holidays)
Location Space55 (9-3, Jeungsan-ro 19-gil, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul)
Space55 Metaverse (
Opening Hours 12:00 am ~ 6:00 pm

Artistic Director: AN Jong-hyun

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