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1. Tell me about something you liked as a child.

 Since childhood, I have been drawn to creativity, body painting, music, and writing poetry. But most of all I loved swimming in the river near my home and going on business trips with my father.

2. Who is your favorite writer? (Art, books, games, etc.)

 My favorite writer is George Orwell, I love dystopias.

3. What was your personal motivation to work on art?

 This is a difficult question to which I am looking for an answer every day and the only thing that comes to mind is the phrase - I just love what I do

4. What is the important part you would like to talk about through art work?

There is no single topic, each of my projects is a separate topic that I want to study and talk about. 

5. Please tell us about your worldview in order to understand your work. And what methodology do you use to express it in your art?

 Photography for me is an ideal medium for talking to the viewer through which I can convey my thoughts, feelings, excitement

This idea will be visualized as a stop-motion animation using the real thing.
6. Your work has the power to connect the viewer to their body and their country. Can you share your thoughts on this important interaction between the individual and the state?
For me, it is one and the same thing, but since the beginning of the full-scale war in my country, this connection has become even stronger. I feel my importance and the importance of the state and identity in my life

7. Why did you start NFT ART?  

I have always been interested in new technologies and I found the idea of a token substitute inspiring as something that cannot be deleted or destroyed, as if you were creating something eternal

8. What is the most memorable moment while doing NFT ART?  

 Of course it's BIDWAR, watching collectors compete for the right to own your work is very inspiring

9. What do you think about the risk of hacking while working on NFT art, and what measures can be taken to prevent it?

 You need to keep a very close eye on this, have special wallets and separate devices for using the NFT

10. What do you think is the role of an artist today?

 An artist is a person who recreates the culture of the present and it is very difficult to evaluate his role nowadays, but after a while, if his art is recognized as a culture, his achievements become the achievements of humanity
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