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1. Tell me about something you liked as a child.

 When I was young I was a very active, not-so-complying child. I never wanted to do what I was told to, never followed the rules at school etc. I loved adventures in the forest, playing with my friends inventing fantastic scenarios, or racing with skateboards down the streets. Anything that provided adrenaline and laughter. I was really lucky to grow up with a lot of nature around me and very lenient parents giving me the opportunity to try (and often get hurt) many things while growing up.

2. Who is your favorite writer? (Art, books, games, etc.)

 Anything fantasy is my jam, as you can tell from my works. Add swords and engineering and I'm hooked. Lord of the Rings and I.Asmiov being my absolute recommended reads. I've played pretty much every fantasy game out there, and have been a huge fan of MMOs when I was younger (don't have the time these days). Without books, movies and games, I'm not sure where I would be today.

3. What was your personal motivation to work on art?

 Freedom of expression. I've always found myself extremely constrained by the standard office-mentality of working a nine to five for someone else. Art is an escape from this reality into your own thoughts and emotions, making this process your job is extremely difficult but worth pursuing as the freedom and joy of creating your vision is worth it every time

4. What is the important part you would like to talk about through art work?

I like to work more than I like to talk about my work honestly, nonetheless I get extremely excited when I get asked questions about my worlds and stories. What's behind my fantasy pieces is often not obvious and stems from a personal journey throughout the experience of my life. Talking about lore and blockchain mechanics is definitely something I enjoy very much and could do for hours on end.


5. Why did you start NFT ART?  

I started creating NFTs in 2020 because I was attracted by the technology and ideas behind it. I've been in crypto since 2017 and already had an ethereum wallet ready and was already doing

 digital art, so the step to NFT was smooth and easy. I minted my first NFT the same day that I found out about them for the first time.

6. What is the most memorable moment while doing NFT ART?  

 Many memorable days so far, one that surely changed everything is my first big collection drop "My Journey" on march 05, 2021 on Nifty Gateway. After working for months and months on this collection that had revolutionary blockchain mechanics for the time, the community reacted extremely positively to the launch, de facto changing my life from there onwards.

7. What do you think is the role of an artist today?

 I don't think an artist has a role at a specific given time in history. Artist is a label we assign to creative creators, individuals/groups communicating a vision, emotion, concept, story and so on. Whatever the medium or audience, I believe the 'role' should always be enriching life in one way or another, through the personal lens of the artist. Adding value, in the form of emotions, thoughts or any way that creates a reaction adding texture to life.
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