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Marcelo Pinel (Brazil)

1. Tell me about something you liked as a child.

Playing in the mud and seeing animals were my favorite childhood activities


2. Who is your favorite writer? (Art, books, games, etc.)

C.G. Jung, Athanasius Kircher.


2-1. What made you like history, culture, and mythology?

Since I was a child, I like mythological tales, for example. I think culture, history and mythology are a treasure that address human existence, the psyche and consciousness, and this existential and mystical aspect inspires my work a lot.


3. What was your personal motivation to work on art?

Keep my inner child alive and invoke the expressions of my soul

3-1. The quality and detail of your work are excellent. Tell me about the author who was influenced and the process of studying and working in the past.

 Thanks for the compliment, details are very important to me in any artistic work. I have been studying art for more than a decade and I think that the sum of several themes and artists materialized in my work, such as religious art, symbolism, the study of dreams, esoteric themes such as Tarot, Gnosis, Theosophy, Surrealism and visionary art. I think one of the main authors for my work is Samael Aun Weor and Jung.


4. What is the important part you would like to talk about through art work?

I want to awaken and brighten people's inner child


4-1. Can you choose one of the tasks and explain it in detail?

I will choose the URANIA work that I minted in Super Rare
The animation shows a woman looking at the starry sky with an astronomical square. In the lower part there are several objects related to the history of astronomy and astrology, such as an astrolabe, an amillary sphere, a small model of the solar system, an object similar to a ladder that was used in India, Greece and Egypt to observe the sky beyond Euclidean and Platonic geometric shapes - shapes that represent infinite patterns and cosmic diagrams. In the woman's hand a crystal orb representing the world, next to the woman a sphere with meridians also representing the world with common markings such as the equator, tropics and meridians.
The 7 main stars of alchemy appear in the sky during the animation: Moon, Mercury, Venus Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn (which is the respective correct order of the stars) As well as the 12 constellations of the zodiac signs. Urania is a muse of Greek mythology related to Astronomy, Astrology and Mathematics and this piece is a synthesis and ode to the history of a time when astrology and astronomy were the same science along with mythology

Urania, August 3, 2022

4-2.  Can you explain your Art work process?

My work starts with choosing the theme, so I read a lot about the subject, save many images for reference and after some sketches and diagrams I start to assemble the 3D art. In the montage, many things are left out because the space for art is always small for so much study. Finally, I make the colors and test the animation several times, always taking a lot of notes until it looks nice. I think it's a little bit of intellect and a little bit of intuition and chance.


5. Why did you start NFT ART?

NFT is a revolutionary way to sell and promote my work. I live in Brazil and around here art is very undervalued, so discovering NFTs was a real miracle in my life


6. What about the NFT ART you've actually experienced? Tell me about the good and the bad.

I experienced a good scene in NFT, I started during the bullish period, I saw NFT become a worldwide trend and attract the attention of many investors. But I saw the cryptocurrencies melt and start the crypto winter, then I saw the market get worse and worse and now is the worst time I've seen it since I joined. However, it is still very worth joining, due to the incredible community and because it is still possible to earn money from sales, even though they are much lower than in the past


7. Have you ever been hacked while proceeding with NFT ART? 

Yes, I've already been hacked. I actually downloaded a pirated program and it was infected with Ransoware, and all my files were encoded and I saw there was a text file on my computer where the hacker asked for around $1000 USD in Bitcoin to release the files. I decided not to pay as I had no guarantee that they would decrypt my files. Then within a few days my ETH wallet had been emptied, and I remembered that I had written down my 12 keywords in a text file on my computer. So, an important tip I have for those who are entering the world of NFTs: do not download pirated files or enter any dubious site on the same computer that you access your wallets, and never save your keywords in a computer file.


8. What is the perception of NFT ART in Brazil?

In Brazil, NFTs are still not widespread and there is a bit of prejudice among a number of artists. However, there are many NFT artists in Brazil, including the famous Hic et Nunc website, which was created by a group of Brazilian artists, with the intention of democratizing access to NFT for artists, especially from underdeveloped countries, since Tezos fees were much cheaper than of ETH. Despite the bear market, NFTs are becoming more and more popular in Brazil


9. What is the most memorable moment while doing NFT ART?

The most memorable moment is making your work reach the most varied people from all continents in the world, and also being able to sell your work with incredible ease


10. What do you think is the role of an artist today?

The artist is the faithful expression of his time; of desires, of the imaginary, of questions. The artist is the one who colors the world so gray and refreshes the soul of humanity

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