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Niceaunties (Singapore)

1. Tell me about something you liked as a child.

doodle and make up stories

2. Who is your favorite Artist? (Art, books, games, etc.)

Neil Gaiman

3. What was your personal motivation to work on art?

Joy of expressing myself

4. What is the important part you would like to talk about through art work?

My perspective of the world, my culture and my surrealist interpretation of it

5. Tell us about your worldview to understand your work, and what methodology do you
use to capture it in your art?

 How we experience life is a direct mirror of our inner world. Life is at worst neutral when we have a light hearted perspective on all situations. I apply this attitude when creating art.  
6. In your work, you use an everyday object, an auntie, to create a unique, personalized, and very aesthetic work. AI art is a medium of visual perfection, so the artist's perspective and unique methodology of presenting it seems to be important. Can you talk about your perspective and methodology?

 I am a mirror of my environment, culture and experiences, aethestical decisions are a culmination of what I love and what i find beautiful. I am not sure if it is right to say AI art is a medium of visual perfection, rather it allows the artist to find a close representation of ideas -- from mind to screen, within a relatively short time.


7. Why did you start NFT ART?  

Fellowship, a NFT gallery approached me to join, a programme for curating AI video works. Prior to that, I joined some open calls and art competitions on Twitter to gain exposure, NFT happened to be the format after getting selected.

8. What is the most memorable moment while doing NFT ART?  

A memorable moment in creating art is the feedback I receive from real aunties at Zona Maco in Mexico City, one auntie a traditional artist said she wanted to learn AI after viewing my work. Art is art,  nft is the format of recording it, let's not label it 'nft art'.

9. What do you think is the role of an artist today?

To express our unique voices and to share our perspectives and opinions unhindered. How people  choose to interpret the art is an entirely separate matter and should not influence the artist. 
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