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1. Tell me about something you liked as a child.

  I loved watching comedy shows on TV.
Sketch comedy,Manzai,Oogiri etc...
Comedy is my foundation.

2. Who is your favorite writer? (Art, books, games, etc.)

 Jan Svankmajer / artist
Yoshihiro Togashi / Manga artist
DragonQuest / Game

3. What was your personal motivation to work on art?

 I have a desire to output the ideas I come up with in my daily life as animation.
And I want to share the fun of that idea with the viewers.
The motivation for creating art may be communication through images.

4. What is the important part you would like to talk about through art work?

 Find small stories hidden in everyday life.
This is your own art that can be enjoyed using only your imagination and will enrich your life a little.
That's what I want to convey.
I also want to convey a fun moment to the viewers, even if it's only for a few seconds.

5. Please tell us about your worldview in order to understand your work. And what methodology do you use to express it in your art?

 Some Japanese believe in an ancient philosophy called Animism (Yaoyorozu), which basically states that everyday objects have their own life stories.

I use "Oogiri" as a means to generate ideas to express this.
"Oogiri" is a traditional Japanese comedy game.
Regarding a certain theme or motif,
It's entertainment that allows you to improvise and come up with interesting ideas.

I personally do this training as a hobby.
While shopping or walking
I'm thinking of interesting ideas in everyday situations.

This idea will be visualized as a stop-motion animation using the real thing.


6. How can stop video express the depth and complexity of physical emotions?
Stop motion allows you to create animations that are between reality and fantasy.

The important thing is not to get too fantastical.
It means expressing what is actually happening in the form of images.

By doing so, viewers can watch this stop motion his animation and relate it to their own everyday life.

I think viewers will be able to feel the philosophy hidden in the work through their own imaginations.

7. Why did you start NFT ART?  

Because it was recommended to me by a friend. 

8. What is the most memorable moment while doing NFT ART?  

 When a great artist, curator, or collector adds my work to their collection, I feel recognized and very happy.

9. What do you think about the risk of hacking while working on NFT art, and what measures can be taken to prevent it?

 It's a difficult problem.
At this point, everyone may have no choice but to be careful not to open suspicious links.

10. What do you think is the role of an artist today?

 Now, anyone can use AI to create works of art that look beautiful.
I think it is important to create works that have a human touch and incorporate the artist's unique ideas and emotions.

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